Teachers friends, this year was the hardest (thanks COVID-19), and it seems like it’s only going to get harder when we go back. I don’t know about you all, but my mind is SO funny when it’s stressed out! (I hope you felt the sarcasm there.). So, I figured I would share the hilarity of my stress-induced nightmares with the world, because, why not?! I promise it’s not just you and you are not alone!

So… Episode #1: Death at the Aquarium

Serious boy looking in aquarium with tropical fish at ocenarium

We’re on a school field trip to the aquarium! (I’m a middle school French teacher – I have no idea what I’m doing there either.) Anyways… some of my lovely little ones were creating quite a ruckus by the shark tank. I went over and neither of them (yes, both students I’ve actually had before) would listen to me. Not like they ignored me, no, no… as in they couldn’t even hear me! It’s like I was invisible!! Talk about a classroom management nightmare, am I right?!

A young boy in glasses and a nerd outfit is shouting at his siblings through a megaphone. The big brother and big sister are looking at the camera with an annoyed look on their faces while plugging their ears. The little brother is bossing his older siblings around.

So, after these little lovelies continued their ridiculousness (with caustic looks from others that could see me), our tour of the aquarium moved on. I was now somehow at the top of the shark tank. GULP.

Different sea animals underwater

My two little lovelies responsible for the ridiculousness beforehand were also responsible for getting my diving tank all hooked up. (Hey, it’s a nightmare for a reason!) Instead of getting me all hooked up, they pushed me in… Now I’m freaking out in the water with sharks, with no air tank, and for whatever reason I can’t swim up! Like, I’M TRAPPED IN THE WATER WITH SHARKS BECAUSE CHILDREN PUSHED ME IN WITHOUT AN AIR TANK!

And then I woke up trying to scream, and my husband was shaking me asking if I was alright. His response to my dream… “Okay, well, that’s just not real though.” No sh*t… Thanks babe.

Well, that was fun! Can’t wait to see what my mind conjures up next! Stay tuned for Episode #2 😉