Do It For The Kids

My New Motto

“Do it for the kids… do it for the kids… do it for the kids.”

I didn’t think I’d ever need a motto to get things done at school. I have grit, I am tenacious, and I will outwork most. It’s common for me to be asked, “So what’s this week’s project?” Consider me the Energizer Bunny of teachers, and I like to be that way!

I like to be the teacher that makes things happen for her kiddos. I like when kids, years later, talk about our international trip and reminisce. I love when kids write to me randomly about how things have “connected” for them. I endeavor to be the educator that facilitates experience and helps to fan embers of interest into a fiery passion.

But… Yes, there is always a but… But, it becomes difficult to keep doing, and wanting to do, all of these things when you receive no recognition or support.

I know, I know… we don’t do it for the “thank you’s” or for the paychecks or for the fame! But, it would have been nice if ONE administrator had showed up tonight for our French Honor Society Induction Ceremony. It would have been awesome if ONE administrator had even sent an email reply to the online invitation. It would be nice if ONE administrator checked-in with me about taking 40 kids to another country in less than 40 days! But, I guess some administrators and administrations are just INEFFECTIVE.

So, I will keep telling myself my little motto, every single time I don’t get support, a visit, an “atta boy” or even just a “hello”. “Do it for the kids… do it for the kids… do it for the kids.”

Do It For The Kids.


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