#MyFives: World Language Teachers I Followed in 2018

This past year was the year I catapulted myself into the #teachergram community – AND IT WAS AMAZING! I’m ending the year with 5 short and sweet (and reflective) blog posts, thanks to Martina Bex from The Comprehensible Classroom!

5 Teachers I Followed in 2018

#1: Martina Bex – The Comprehensible Classroom

Martina Bex blogs over at The Comprehensible Classroom, and posts/tweets often on Instagram and Twitter. When I decided to overhaul how I was teaching French, I stumbled across her CI blog, and I was blow away! Martina is a GENIUS and she shares so much of her expertise and insight with her audience, for which I am extremely grateful. Her TPRS 101 blog post series helped me baby step my way into TPRS/CI teaching, and made me feel like I wasn’t alone in wanting the best methods for my kiddos! Merci beaucoup pour l’inspiration cette année!

#2: Anne Marie Chase – Señora Chase

Anne Marie Chase blogs over at SeñoraChase.com. I came across her CI blog at the beginning of August (August 20th to be exact) right before back-to-school planning really ramped up! I am so thankful for her fun-filled and time-saving ideas. Some of my favorite ideas so far have been her “Magic Cards” (which my admin loved), Jolly Rancher Fun (this was my gateway drug into CI teaching), and The Lucky Reading Game! Without her guidance, systems of organization and enthusiasm for gaming and fun, I would not have been hooked on CI as fast as I was. Thank you for the inspiration!

#3: Annabelle Allen – La Maestra Loca

Annabelle Allen is seriously one of the BEST! Voted the LA FL Teacher of the Year in 2018, she is passionate and doesn’t hold anything back! I came across her Instagram page first, then her Twitter account, followed by Facebook, and finally her website and blog. She is talented, loving her teaching life, and shares so much of herself and her TCI journey with her followers. As soon as I saw her IG feed, I knew I had to follow her! Her smile said it all – teaching for acquisition should be fun and exciting! Thank you for the inspiration!

#4: Claire Bouyssie – La Classe de Mademoisele (yes, with one “l”)

Claire is a sweetheart, y’all! We first connected over Instagram (yay teaching community!), and we met up for coffee and teacher talk. She has a great blog that she updates frequently, and has recently launched her TpT store which is stocked with fun French and Spanish resources and games (her board games are super cute!). Merci beaucoup pour l’inspiration cette année!

#5: Valeria Carrillo – Señorita Carrillo

This Señorita is one kind-hearted, generous and supportive maestra! I first followed her over Instagram, and then found out that she has her own website! Each time I posted needing language teacher advice, she was right there. Not only is she a teacher-leader online, she is an EdD student! You go girl! We need more like you, dedicated to empowering multilingualism and multiculturalism in ever-diverse educational settings! Thank you for the inspiration!

Happy 2019!